Welcome to Peris Costumes,
the largest costume house in the world.

As a Peris customer you may:
Have access to an absolutely outstanding catalogue that covers any historical period, fantasy, any uniforms
Work in any of Peris Costumes locations, rent costumes and have stocks sent from one PERIS location to another with no shipping fee (for productions over 10.000€)
Manufacture your own bespoke designs in our workshops: you design it, we make it
Dress large amounts of extras from ANY era
Take advantage of original wardrobe from the 19th or 20th century
Enjoy all the services that are already customary at Peris Group:
New makes
Fabrics, ageing and dyeing
Shoe Factory
Jewel House

Plus meet Peris Digital services, a system to scan in 3D real wardrobe at maximum resolution, enabling production designers, VFX artists and costume designers to invent new worlds